Exploring the Future of Responsible Transport Packaging

The 6th ISTA European Packaging Symposium, organized by ISTA and Fundación ITENE, will be held at ITENE’s facilities on 7-9 March 2017 in Valencia, Spain.

Through quality presentations and case studies, the 2017 Edition will explore the future of responsible transport packaging. The program will provide insight and benefit to delegates on the critical link between packaging and effective distribution of products, focusing on cost savings and delivering against sustainability requirements, core components of ISTA’s mission. Presentations will give a practical overview on economic and environmental optimization of distribution packaging development and on the latest techniques in testing of packaged products to assess fitness for distribution.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The ISTA European Packaging Symposium aims to provide a broad international forum for Directors, Managers and Technicians of logistics, packaging, production, purchasing, R & D, product design and development of companies in the following sectors: Packaging Industry; Logistics, Transport and Storage; Test Laboratories, Test Equipment Manufacturers, Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry, Electronics, Audio and Video Equipment, Computers and all other professionals whose activities are related to distribution packaging. The symposium will feature presentations given by worldwide companies in the mentioned sectors.

Important: Please note that all of the Symposium presentations will be presented in English.